Social Media Policy



Upstate Pride SC (UPSC) values social media as a resource of information and a tool for connecting with those it aims to serve. UPSC also recognizes the need for cultural understanding, sensitivity, and responsible inclusion. In an effort to generate respectful discussion and share ideas related to sexual orientation and gender identity, UPSC shares and curates both news- and opinion-based content via social media that may or may not reflect the views and opinions of its Board of Directors, volunteers, and/or constituents.

UPSC understands that technology and society is constantly evolving, which makes it nearly impossible to address all current and future social situations online. Any person is welcome at any time to address the organization regarding its social media policies, and the organization reserves the right to amend its policies at any time to best serve and respect people of all gender expressions and sexual identities. The following guidelines are provided to help all parties understand how UPSC utilizes social media and how the organization’s policies affect social media interactions.*

  • Upstate Pride SC’s blog posts and content will be accurate and factual.

  • Upstate Pride SC will acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly. When corrections are made, Upstate Pride SC will do its best to preserve the original post in order to maintain integrity.

  • Upstate Pride SC reserves the right to delete solicitations.

  • Upstate Pride SC reserves the right to delete content that it deems off-topic, disrespectful, hateful, and/or inappropriate.

  • Upstate Pride SC will acknowledge and respond to comments and other messages as appropriate.

  • Upstate Pride SC will link to and credit original sources and primary documents.

  • Upstate Pride SC will disclose any conflicts of interest.

  • Upstate Pride SC will refrain from endorsing or giving the appearance of endorsing any specific political leader, party, or movement. As a 501(c)3 organization, Upstate Pride SC has no political affiliation, but can advocate for or against certain legislation.



UPSC holds its Board of Directors and volunteers accountable for professional judgment and personal responsibility at all times. The following guidelines for responsible social media engagement govern UPSC’s usage of all platforms. These guidelines apply when UPSC representatives (a) are operating a social media platform from an official Upstate Pride SC account and (b) are openly acknowledging their connection to and position within the organization on any other account. UPSC bears no responsibility for content posted by members of its Board of Directors, volunteers, or constituents on their personal and private accounts when they are not directly representing the organization.

  • Know and follow all UPSC social media guidelines and policies.

  • Protect the reputation of UPSC by ensuring that all social media content reflects the organization’s mission, goals, and policies.

  • Take responsibility for content that you publish when representing UPSC online.

  • Respect all people and experiences by avoiding personal insults, ethnic slurs, obscenity, or any discriminatory, harassing, or defamatory conduct.

  • Consider all content with good judgment before posting it.

  • Respect others’ privacy and anonymity.

  • Admit errors and work swiftly and accurately to correct misinformation, omissions, or other erroneous content.

  • Refrain from using UPSC domain email addresses to create or maintain any social media account that is not for official organizational purposes.

  • Communicate with the UPSC Communications Officer or social media coordinator if there are any questions, suspicions, or hesitations about content that may violate UPSC’s social media guidelines.

  • Report any violations of UPSC’s social media guidelines to the Communications Officer, Vice President, or President.


*These guidelines have been inspired by and amended from Carolinas HealthCare System.